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Best Platform to Buy Targeted Spotify Plays

Spotify is a fantastic music streaming platform to promote your music as an artist. However, many new or existing music artists on the platform find it challenging to gain plays, followers, and a steady listening audience, especially in the countries they desire. On the other flip side of the coin, many artists fall prey to buying plays gotten through bots. Amazingly, you do not have to worry, as there are other ways around getting genuine play counts that will increase your audience base and your music engagement in the countries you desire. One primary method is to buy targeted Spotify plays, and you can get them here.

When talking about targeted Spotify plays sold by many platforms, there are fears in the heart of potential buyers or artists. In this article, we will show you why to buy from us, the importance of buying targeted Spotify plays, how it aids in promoting your music, and finally, answer most of your questions in a unique, frequently asked questions section. We know that’s all you have been waiting for, and we will give it to you as our esteemed and potential buyers. 

Let’s dive in. 

What is Targeted Spotify Plays

Buying targeted Spotify plays implies buying Spotify plays that focus on listeners from some countries. This will boost your music popularity in that demographics without much hassle and at a low price. We focus on many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany & 25+ Other Countries. Interestingly, we get these organic listeners and plays through very safe methods. 

How Spotify Plays Works

Typically, there is a slight difference between Spotify streams and Spotify plays. Spotify stream is the number of times listeners listen to a track. However, Spotify count plays as the number of times listeners play your way for over 30 seconds. There is also more to that. If the Spotify app is muted while the listener plays your track, it won’t count as a ‘play’, even if it is less than 30 seconds. 

When does it count, then? It depends on when a listener stream a song for 30 seconds or more, skips the song right after 30 seconds or repeats the song right after 30 seconds or more. It also counts when the listener is streaming your music in an offline mode, with a free account or when the listener happens to be you, the artist that owns the song. 

For offline mode plays, Spotify records the plays in its app and uploads them to its server once the listener comes online. Also, while playing from a free account count, the song artist earns a lower streaming loyalty payout from them. Further, in repeating songs, this doesn’t need to be done perpetually, as it might also indicate to Spotify that there is foul play. 

Why you might not know all of these, which is not your fault, we do, and that is why we implore you to buy targeted Spotify Plays from us. We also offer monthly listeners and even Spotify followers bundles for good Spotify impressions and the sustainability of your streaming metrics. The followers and monthly listeners, coupled with the plays, also send positive signals to Spotify, indicating that your songs engage well and need to be promoted more. 

The downside of Getting Spotify Plays Wrongly.

Recently, Shopify has taken more severe measures against artists who get their streams or plays wrongly or from fraudulent accounts. Some fraudulent means of getting streams include bots, click farms, and inactive accounts. Some of the standard measures implemented by Spotify are;

  • Removing streams from the affected song
  • Removing the influenced music from their platform
  • It is placing a ban on the artist, restricting the distribution of songs on the platform. 

You can ultimately afford this downside when you buy targeted Spotify plays or put in some genuine efforts yourself. 

Why You Should Buy Targeted Spotify Plays 

  • More Visibility, More Engagement, More Followers (3 in 1)

Daily, many artists spring up on Spotify. In fact, in 2022, Statista records that there are over 422 million active members and over 80 million tracks for listeners to play. So naturally, there is stiff competition for your songs to be heard, and it can take ages for your songs to get on top of the chart in some countries, but using targeted Spotify plays coupled with your efforts into your music is the smart way to go. 

Since Spotify works mainly on the number of plays and how frequent, we help your songs gain more visibility and engagement. Buying targeted Spotify plays us make real users play your songs and engage with them for more than 30 seconds, wherever you desire. With this, many listeners, especially listeners from targeted countries, see your song metrics, believe it’s worth playing, and then give it a try.

As they play your songs, they begin to follow you and even like your songs, making them see other pieces you have produced; thus, your fan base becomes large. All these happen real, authentic, and just like organic users.

  • Save More, Earn More

Our targeted Spotify plays packages are very cheap compared to many other marketing methods for your music on Spotify. You can also spend within your means as there is a package well suited for you. Once you buy these Spotify plays packages, your songs become very popular, earning you royalty-eligible plays and improving your royalty play rates. You can now see that you save more and make more. 

  • Flexibility and Guaranteed

Buying Spotify plays avails you the flexibility to choose the number of plays you want, the type of tracks to play, and at what sequence. Of course, all this is based on how much you have budgeted. Since the plays are also gotten through real listeners, all royalty-eligible plays are secured. 

You have seen why you need this targeted Spotify plays with this highlighted importance. However, before wrapping up here, let’s talk about some common questions people ask, which you might also have in mind. 

Buying Targeted Spotify Plays – FAQs

Will Spotify targeted plays promote my songs better than Spotify ads?

While both methods can be used to promote your songs, using targeted Spotify plays is a better option. First, it is faster, and you get immediate results from targeted plays. Second, targeted Spotify plays reach targeted audiences quicker and more effective than ads. Third, the viewers watch your videos deliberately, unlike advertisements that might not be totally convincing to their viewers.

Which category of artists is Spotify plays suitable for?

Targeted Spotify plays are ideal for all artists. You can use it to get more plays and to get your profile popular in a particular location, either as a new artist or an existing one.

Do you sell instant 100% real targeted Spotify plays free from the ban?

We offer organic, secured, and natural targeted real Spotify plays; thus, we cannot get banned by Spotify. Our services also extend to getting real monthly listeners and followers. Our services are of high quality and supplied instantaneously.

How will your platform increase Spotify Plays / Streams on my profile?

We do this by getting natural and organic users through a very safe means to stream your tracks. This is 100% secure without any implications.

How many targeted Spotify plays is needed to take my tracks to the top of the chart?

While you might require millions of plays, you can start with whatever budget you have, and as you see the results, you can decide whether to push further. You can start with the smallest Spotify play bundles we have.

Is this website the best for buying targeted Spotify Plays?

Our site is all you need as we offer excellent services. Our Spotify plays and listeners are unique, trustworthy, and safe. And our customer care services are equally top-notch, with swift and detailed responses.