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Spotify is a vast music platform. It has millions of users, which makes it extremely difficult to compete. Especially getting Spotify playlist plays is the most demanding task. There are high chances of success if you have talent, but you need that initial boost to get the right audience to your channel. Buy Spotify plays cheap for your Spotify account to get the much-needed initial boost on your profile and playlist. There are various artists out there that are still struggling to gain attraction on Spotify. This can help you gain more listeners to your music, who will hopefully start following you and become your fans.

Why Buy Spotify Plays Cheap?

The most significant factors that evaluate the popularity and ranks on Spotify are the recent frequency of plays and the total number of plays. You can buy Spotify plays to directly increase the popularity of your music.

Benefits of Buying Spotify Plays

  • Increased Exposure: The success of your music on Spotify depends on the number of plays. The higher the number of plays, the higher your music exposure to organic traffic. By buying Spotify playlist plays, you are increasing exposure to your music and profile.
  • Easy promotion: Making music is a tough job. If you spend time promoting, who will make music for your channel? You can focus on making music by getting organic Spotify plays while your promotion remains automated.

Pros and Cons of Buying Spotify Plays


Increased promotion and revenues.

Great initial boost.

Higher social credibility.

Improved royalty rates.


The non-targeted audience plays.

One-time buy may give a slight boost.

Some people may be a scam. Hire a trustable service.

Socialfansgeek provides eligible plays that are provided by unique listeners completely indistinguishable on Spotify. In addition, we offer packages that remain permanently on your profile. Our organic Spotify plays will not only help you to increase your popularity, but you will also be able to earn something as well. Spotify plays are also helpful in improving your royalty rates. If you think about it, then you will find that buying Spotify Plays is a win-win all around.


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Frequently asked questions

1. Is Spotify play worth buying?

Good music is the cornerstone of any quality organic ad for Spotify. Once you've done your homework, buying a Spotify play will help you increase the impact and visibility of every post, tweet, and social activity your artist does, not online but offline. If you still have a doubt then you can contact us via WhatsApp so that we can clear your all doubts.

2. Where I can place an order to buy Spotify streams?

You can just open a free account and place your order. You need to provide the URL of your post / account/video/song where you want Spotify Streams to be directed at.

3. How does Spotify count?

When you will buy spotify streams from socialfansgeek they will be reported if the song has been on the air for more than 30 seconds. The count of streams will only be calculated if you are listed as main artist or remixer.

4. How long does the views/likes etc stay on my Spotify account?

We offer packages that stay in your account permanently. Our organic Spotify play not only helps you increase your popularity, it also helps you win something.

5. How purchasing Spotify plays is beneficial for me?

If you purchase Spotify play then it will provide a great initial boost to your video/account/song/post. It will also improve royalty rates, increase promotions and revenues. You can contact us via https://www.socialfansgeek.com/contact-us/ or at +977 980-1194486 on WhatsApp to get more information.

How do I See My spotify Plays?

In order to see spotify plays, open Spotify App on your android or IOS, scroll down to see 2020 Wrapped. Tap on 2020 Wrapped which will open a new page. The Stories segment is on top, and below it is your playlist with the top songs of 2020 that you played the most.

Does Spotify Count Repeated Streams?

Yes, Spotify Counts repeated streams. But only streams that are more than 30 seconds are counted.