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Congratulations!  You just published your app on Google play. However, are you sure it will reach the top? Are you sure your marketing strategies are enough to make your app a widely used application? Why limit your apps success when you can take it to the top within days? Buy Android app installs to increase your apps rankings and organic downloads and installs. Google play or any internet platform needs to know what makes your idea/application special. One of the indicators used by the algorithms is higher installs, downloads, and the time for which app was installed on the phone. Now anyone can download & install an application for you. They might like it or not like it, but faster uninstallation shows your app does not meet the keyword searched! This is where you can benefit from Android App installs. Why?

  • It’s convenient.
  • It’s easier.
  • It’s faster.

Your App Deserves Faster & Efficient Growth



Many people ask what are keyword installs? Well, when you buy Android app installs, you need to ensure that they are keyword installs. Keyword installs to replicate the exact organic user behavior that gives the algorithm signal of relevancy. Indeed, the higher the keyword relevancy with your application, the higher are the chances of topping the rankings! You, as a user enter a keyword, scroll through the search results, and download the app that fits best to your requirements. This is exactly how to buy Android app installs work! Sign up Now


Yearly 3 billion apps are published on Google play. However, only one-tenth of the application reaches the top! Get the expected success! And most importantly users use it for a longer time! But so usual marketing strategy ensures longer usage? Does it help your app to be on the top 5 rankings? Even if you ask your friends, family, and friends, there are high chances that they might uninstall the app within few hours! But when you buy Android app installs it is less likely to happen. Android app installs by Social Fans Geek ensure that:

  • High volume installations.
  • The app stays on the system for at least 3 to 4 days.
  • The app is installed and used at least once.
  • Better targeting capabilities.


Need your app to rank faster? Well, here is how ratings, reviews, installations, uninstallations, engagements, and downloads are evaluated by the Google play store for Android app installations! Google play considers various factors in various orders to see if the app worth it! With your usual marketing strategies, you can guaranty an installation, but you cannot guaranty other factors! But with buying android app installations you can get more than that!  In fact, the number of downloads, level of usage, download growths, page rank, and the difference between installation and uninstallation time are the factors that matter the most. But can you guaranty ALL OF THIS, with your marketing strategy? If yes then great! But if no, then your go-to option is to buy Android app installs! Why? Well, it guarantees downloads, higher installation time, keywords install, improved page rankings, and positive reviews & ratings.


  • Higher Organic Growth

With improved page rankings, get a more organic audience.

  • App Store Optimization

Optimize your Android application with positive ratings.

  • Improved Demographic Reach

Get installations from a specific location for better reach!



It takes one moment for an app to be discovered! Within a matter of minutes, an app can be everyone’s favorite! However, people need to be patient to get this moment of success! They need to market it constantly with a heavy budget! But what if you don’t have enough budget? What if your vision is great but it does not get discovered? An instant boost to your application can take it to new heights of success! Buy Android app installs is faster and inexpensive to let your app be discovered!

Why wait and hope for your app to reach the top, when you can do it within a month? By targeting specific audiences, you can target your app to a demographic location or gender, or age group! The more you are specific with your audience, the higher are the app success chances! It’s time to reach users who are passionate about your app and idea through keyword installs.


With improved rankings and searches, you get more and more users to your app!

Your android application is perfect! Your idea is unique! All you need is users! Buy Android app installs to get users, who are just looking for your app! But hey they don’t even move past the first 5 results on Google play! What can you do? Social media marketing, PPC that all works but does it guarantee keyword installs? No! This is where you need to think out of the box! Morever, the keyword installs give a signal that your app reached the user through users’ search. The higher the keyword search and installs, the higher is the user acquisition. With Social Fans Geek you can buy Android app installs that increase user acquisition.


With Social Fans Geek you can now buy Android app installs in three simple steps! No kidding! Ready, Set, & Go!

  1. Select a package for your Android application.
  2. Enter your app link.
  3. Make the payment.

Voila! Your android app installs are ready! Within few minutes you can see those app installations increasing! Relax! They are not going down any time soon.


With Social Fans Geek we ensure that you get what you buy from us! When you buy Android App installs, you get nothing more & nothing else! However, we recommend having a complete marketing strategy, and make Android app installs a part of it! In fact, with a complete strategy, the results are better, and you get to bring more and more people to your application!


Enough of us talking, let us get to your Android applications. Just let us know the link, budget, and your audience region and leave the rest on us. Now buy Android app installs that are processed just as the organic audience will process them.

We ensure that your app installation is secure and not shared with anyone. In fact, we keep our customers’ privacy at our heart and do not share it with anyone. For us, your trust matters. Buy Android app installs right now to get the audience that you deserve!   Sign up Now


App installs is one of the important ranking factors for your Android application. Given the high competition, and lesser chances of higher and consistent boost, buying Android app installs improves your overall chances to lead. Google play store’s first five searches are the most installed and used applications. Hence amidst this user preference and trust for the top five apps, it is necessary to get your app in these rankings faster. Moreover, you can reach worldwide audiences faster. You don’t need to wait for your target audience to reach you when you can reach them faster. Buy Android app installs to reach your ideal app user. Just like you another user also trusts applications that have higher previous downloads. They trust what others suggest and then finally go for the one. For instance, Imagine when you have higher Android app installs, users will check out your application more leading to higher organic traffic. This further leads to higher app ratings and ranking improvement. Android app installs give you the freedom to take your app to the level you want! Enough of marketing gimmicks that although work but do not guaranty the boost your application and idea deserves!

Yes, you can target a specific region’s audience with your purchase of Android app installs. We ensure that your Android application gets the audience that you want. Not what we can offer. From the US to the UK, we’ve got you covered. In fact, we recommend having region-specific Android app installs. The region-specific Android app installs ensure higher organic traffic from that region. There are times when your ideal user belongs to a particular demographic region. Therefore, when you give the right signal to the google play store you get the right response in return. We also offer multiple region targeting. Hence, you do not need to be strict. If you have an audience from around the world, we will bring an audience from around the world. Now buy Android app installs from specific regions or worldwide but buy what suits your application’s ideal users. In fact, combine Android promotion service with your marketing strategy and see the magic happen. In fact, you don’t need to invest a high amount for Android installs. Even with a limited budget, we’ve got you covered. We ensure that: Flexible pricing for various locations. Pay for what you get not more and not less. Decide the number of Android app installs you want to buy. Get higher buyer ratings. High boost and installs bringing more organic traffic. Buy Android app installs to reach your organic audience, rather than waiting for them to reach you. Indeed, your application and idea is perfect, and now make your marketing strategy perfect! Social Fans Geek offers services that bring you the results that you want!

No, we do not offer any bot installation. We offer real user installations that guaranty high organic traffic in the future. Many users wonder what bot installations are. In fact, Android bots are software that automates the whole installation tasks on Google play. However, this software is already flagged by the user. In fact, most of these bots indicate that Google play is being controlled by a bot. Using these bots or services related to these bots can get your account and application got flagged. Therefore, these are fake app installs and they violate Google play store conditions. Therefore, you need to be mindful of which service you go for. Moreover, Android bots can negatively impact your application, which is why we do not recommend them at all to anyone. We know the love and effort you have put into your Android application, and we are here to give you its return on investment! Social Fans Geek offers legit user installations. We don’t offer bot-based installations. We commit to your service and our users. Therefore, when you buy Android app installs from us, we ensure that your application is searched via keyword, installed like a normal user will, and keep it in our system for days. Since the faster installation and installation ratio hurts your rankings, we ensure that nothing of such nature happens. With legit installations, we give your application the boost it deserves. What are you waiting for? Get organic traffic your way right now! Got any more questions? Contact our customer support to buy Android app installs right now!

Android app installs ensure higher and improved Google play rankings. With fast & easy campaigns you can set up a promo campaigns that meet your app’s success target. Nevertheless, with our android app promotions service, you get more ratings, reviews, and increased engagement. More and more people check your app, which further leads to improved rankings. We all know the truth that only one-tenth of the applications on Google play is discovered actively by the users. Indeed, now with one step, you get your app to receive the same love and success. Android app installs to ensure that: 1. Higher engagement 2. Improved ratings and reviews. 3. Increased installations. 4. More recommendations. 5. Flexible market targets. 6. Inexpensive yet workable. 7. Improved quality indicators. 8. Better search rankings on Google play. What else do you want for your Android application? Got more questions, contact SocialFansGeek right now! We are cheaper, faster, & efficient.

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