Privacy Policy

SocialFansGeek (PrDose LTD)  privacy policy controls the way we use collect, use and share information collected from our users. The policy governs the way we use information that we have collected from you or that you as a user has provided to us on this website. Our policy does not relate to any information collected from our third parties unless those third parties are linked to this privacy policy. Prior to using our website, ensure that you have thoroughly read this privacy policy in regards to the way we use your information and how we will categorize it accordingly. 

Information that we collect

Personal identification information

We may possibly decide to collect and use the personal bio data that you give us when navigating through our site:

  1. Information that you fill in forms on the website. This includes the information that you provide at the time of registering on our site, when you are subscribing to our services and when you report a problem.
  2. Copies of your correspondence to us.
  3. Information that you fill in search queries
  4. Specifics about your transactions and completed orders. You may possibly be required to give financial details when paying for our services.

Non-personal identification information

As you scroll through our site, we collect non-personal information including and not limited to your site visits, traffic data, location data, communication data, machine type, browser type, IP addresses and operating system type. Note that these details do not provide any linkage to an individual.

Web browser cookies

We collect information about your internet usage on our site by using cookies. Cookies are files that are stored on your computer hard drive that help us improve the usage of our website and providing better custom-tailored services to our users. You may decline to acknowledge or accept cookies on your browser by selecting a specific setup. Most browsers automatically select cookies since they are known to improve the performance of a site on a computer since it will rely on the stored cookies files located in your hard drive.

How we use collected information

The personal and non-personal information that we collect about users and the information they give to us is used in the following ways:

How we protect your information

Our accustomed data collection, processing and storage protocols safeguard you against unauthorized access of our information, modification of the information collected and or provided and destruction of the mentioned information.

Sharing your personal information

We may share your personal and non-personal information that you give us to the following third parties that maybe linked to our site:

Changes to this privacy policy

It is our responsibility to inform you of any major or minor changes that we may decide to make to our privacy policy on this page and our website homepage. If any changes are made to this policy, we will notify you through an email from our support address listed in the contact information section.

Acceptance of our terms

Please note by using our site, you agree to the official advice of our policy.If by any chance the contents of this policy are not in line with how you would wish us to use your personal information, do not access our website.

Our contact information

To provide us with information related to our privacy policy, contact us .