Benefits Of Facebook Marketplace – Sell Anything – 2022

16 Jan, 2021
Updated on: 27 Jan, 2022
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Remember when you had to sell anything on Facebook, you had to upload pictures, tag your friends, and in fact, create a page for the sole purpose of attracting an audience. But still, you were unable to get the right deal?

This is where the Facebook marketplace comes in. You necessarily do not need to be a seller for the Facebook marketplace. You do not need a page or anything at all.

It’s a simple, fast, and effective way to sell anything except anything illegal.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Before getting into details about how you can sell anything on the Facebook marketplace and its benefits, you first need to understand what the Facebook marketplace is.

“Facebook marketplace allows the users above the age of 18 years to sell anything they want. They can host garage sales, phone selling, or even jewelry or thrift stuff.”

The feature began to roll out in the UK, where people even sold their factory unlocked iPhones at the best price possible.

Why Facebook Marketplace?

Now you might wonder, hey, I can sell this stuff on my profile too, and people can share it. However, can you bargain with so many people at a time? Can you get rid of the hassle of getting that post shared? This is the first reason for which you need the Facebook marketplace. But there is another and more profound reason to opt for the Facebook marketplace. Facebook has more than 2.7 billion users every month, which is more than eBay and Amazon.

Moreover, people don’t spend time on Amazon daily aimlessly, as they do on Facebook. So the chances of your product being sold on the Facebook marketplace are higher than any other channel. Since the products are primarily personal items, people get a better deal for their business.

Benefits of Facebook Marketplace

1.     Higher Reach

Facebook marketplace gives you a higher reach than any other buying and selling platform. If you are a new brand looking for faster, higher engagement than the Facebook marketplace is the way to go. Your hassle to handle a website or a separate platform for yourself. Your marketplace has everything.

2.     Relevant Audience

With more and more personalized data in the hands of Facebook, your products get the relevant audience. You don’t need to think of how you will make those ad campaigns or everything, you need to click that Marketplace button, upload the images price tag, and You Are Ready To Sell Anything.

Relevant Audience

3.     Mobile Access

Do you have an excellent WEBSITE? But can you upload your new product catalog from your phone? No! you have to sit and open your system to do so. The Facebook marketplace is available on the Facebook application. With four simple steps on your smartphone, you can now start selling on Facebook.

4.     Higher Local Reach

Many small businesses struggle to get reach on their Facebook page. The Facebook marketplace ensures to connect your products with more local audiences and audiences genuinely interested in your product. Even if you sell some basic groceries, people are more than happy to order through Facebook directly.

5.     Trust-Based Community

The idea of the Facebook marketplace is not just to sell products. It is more towards making a community based on trust. By connecting local buyers and sellers and giving them the power to bargain, it gives them the feel of buying directly from a vendor. People love to negotiate, which is what the Facebook marketplace has done for the users.

Trust-Based Community

6.     No Commission

Don’t you hate it when you have to pay eBay that extra commission? You pay for their platform, and then you have to pay that additional percentage. Well, the Facebook marketplace does not take any commission. It is free to post sell, and there is no commission. There are chances that in the future, they may charge, but hey, up until now, it’s free and good to go.

7.     No Need To Share Email or Phone Number

I wouldn’t say I like it when I give out my number or email to sell a single product. For a business, it’s lovely to do that, but for someone who needs to sell a single thing, this isn’t very pleasant. Therefore marketplace has become my go-to option. The Facebook marketplace brings the buyer directly into your Facebook messenger. You can call the user from messenger and avoid transferring personal details. On the Facebook marketplace, you do not need to share anything at all.

What are you waiting for? Trust me; the Facebook marketplace is the best option out there. It is free for now, and I hope it remains the same in the future. However, why not benefit from it while it is free. However, if you still want to use Facebook pages or your profile, here are some tips for Facebook page organic reach.

Laxman K.

Veteran Social Media Growth Hacker & Digital Marketer.