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Mobile App Installs – Launching your mobile application is not an easy task. It takes a high investment in terms of money, time, and effort. You need to be mindful of what marketing technique you use. Also,  what audience you target. It is a complex process. In fact, only 0.01 percent of the mobile applications become successful out of 10,000. Given this less ratio, mobile application owners need to have a plan and a roadmap that ensure higher mobile app installs.

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Being in the tech domain for years, what works well for each app is higher initial downloads. Even the Play store & App store algorithms favor apps that have higher play store app installs. In fact, users download and use applications that have been downloaded and rated high by the users. Imagine the initial boost you get when millions of people download your application from the Play store, as soon as you launch it. Keyword installs further ensure that your application gets the right hype required. This very hype gives your application a top position on the play store and app store within minutes.


Keyword installs ensure that your application downloads seem completely legit. There are times when you share an app link with your friend, and they download the application following the link. However, apps that have been searched and then downloaded capture higher attention of both the App Store and Play store.

Mobile app installs that have keyword installs get more organic clicks and views. When an app is searched via keywords, and the app selected from the results retrieved, the user picks up an application. After downloading and installation, the default location of the user gives the Play store signal of the popularity of an app in each location. This is the usual user behavior, which is replicated by the app installation services.

Buying App Installs

However, there are two ways to boost your app store installation. Install app store application can either be done by buying app store installs, or by having a long marketing campaign. Both ways draw ample user engagement. However, the latter one is more costly. Given that you have already invested so much, it is better to go with the first option, which is buying app installs.


Mobile application is a big investment. We understand how much investment you have made in UI design, planning, application development, and testing. You have got everything near to perfect but what if you don’t spend the right amount on marketing? What if you don’t get high initial downloads and installations.

In fact, do you know both the Play Store and App store track downloads and installs both for app rankings?

This is the importance of mobile app installs and downloads. When you make keyword installs as a part of your marketing strategy, you increase your app’s success chances. Just like search engine optimization and google analytics are the heart of website analysis, similarly, the Appstore and play store have their own analytics to track app installs.

Another important factor is the time!

Even if you ask your friends, family, and team to download and install the app, they will only do so for a limited time! Maybe a few hours or few days. However, it is essential to have an app that has been downloaded, installed, and kept on a phone for a considerable time. This is when buying app installs hops in. You buy app installs that can trigger the download and install history for days.

It is not the number of app installs; it is also the average time an application is installed and used by the user.

Therefore, you need app installs that guarantee your app installs and downloads and your overall app success.

This is how the algorithm thinks:

  • Keywords used.
  • App downloads.
  • App installs.
  • Overall time application used.
  • How quickly the app was uninstalled.
  • How many apps were downloaded before and after the application was used?
  • A total number of active users.
  • Daily app downloads and installs.

With these heavy criteria are you sure your app’s marketing strategy will fit it?

If not, then there is still time to rethink your marketing strategy.


Now we understand that not all applications are good to go for all devices. Some are perfect for iOS and some are for Android. In fact, some are perfect for Smart TVs like streaming applications. Your marketing strategy might have lesser scope here. However, buying mobile app installs for Android specifically or iOS can help you boost downloads where needed.

With app installs for the specific device you ensure that:

  • Your app reaches the right audience.
  • Play store or App store increases your app rankings.
  • It makes other people download and install your app.
  • Moreover, your marketing strategy gets a quick boost.

Imagine, with a single decision your app instead of just getting lost amidst the applications, is right there on the top!


 With device-specific mobile app installs you increase your app rankings. Sign up Now


We offer keyword installs and mobile installs for your mobile application. With love for the marketing of mobile applications, our team knows what to offer you. We offer:

Guaranteed Keyword Rankings

Tell us your daily mobile app install needs and we will get it done for you. With a limited budget, you can now grow your app faster.

Fast Support

Our team is available for your queries 24/7. We can help you choose the right package for your mobile app installs.


With years of experience in mobile application marketing, we know the strategies that can boost your app rankings. With access to thousands of devices and virtual machines, we ensure that you get the right number of daily downloads and installs. We offer services until your application reaches the top of the play store and app store. We offer:

  • App installs that stay on our system for months.
  • Honest and permanent app reviews and app ratings.
  • 24/7 support team to guide you.
  • Easy buying process.


With an easy process, you get the app install within minutes. No more waiting for your application to reach the top.

Take Step Now to Reach Your Mobile Application Success Goal

It’s easier to hire our services:

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It’s time to enjoy higher app installs and rankings from the App Store and Play store. 


Enough of spending a lot on marketing budget, when you can spend some dollars to achieve the same purpose but in a better way! SocialFansGeek is here to dream app reach the top of both app store and play store within a month of its launch. No more asking users to download it for you when we can do the same for you on a limited budget.

  • Higher organic rankings!
  • Faster installs!
  • Five-star ratings are waiting for you!

Be it play store app installs, or app store app installation, we’ve got you covered!  Sign up Now


The users should at least keep the mobile application on their phone for 3 to 4 days. However, the longer the time the better it is for application rankings. Both Play store and app store applications ensure that applications are not frequently uninstalled. The ratio of uninstallation to installation must be lesser. Let’s put it in an example. Imagine 10 users downloaded your app. 7 users within minutes uninstalled the application. This indicates that this is not what the user was searching for. However, on the other hand, imagine getting 5 downloads and only 1 user uninstalls the application. Got the point, right? The quality of installation matters, therefore, the users must keep the application on their phone for at least 3 to 4 days. Higher app installation time gives your application a higher organic boost. This further increases real-time installations and users are likely to recommend your application. The positive comments and reviews further boost the application rankings leading to higher app stability. No Need to Spend Thousands of Dollars, when you can get your app up in few bucks.

Yes! In fact, they are the best way to get higher mobile app installs. Keyword installs ensure organic app download behavior, which gives the algorithm the signal of legit application download. Let us break it for you: A normal user like you will first launch an app store or play store. You will use some keywords or in laymen’s terms phrases to search for a particular application. Based on the keyword entered, the app store will bring the results of the application that are closest to the keyword entered. Then you scroll down in the list and select an application that you feel is fit for your need. This exact same process is now replicated by our mobile app installer. When you buy our services, our keyword installs service searches your application on app store/play store through this keyword. Now it scrolls in the list, selects your application, and downloads your application. After installation, the app remains on our unique device for around 3 to 4 days providing the right insights to the algorithm.You might wonder, this behavior can be replicated by any user. However, most of the users uninstall the application within few minutes of installation. Therefore, you need trusted mobile app installs that guarantee faster app growth.

Well, for this question you need to see our pricing section. It does not cost must. In fact, it is lesser than a traditional marketing strategy. You must pay more to market and when you ask users to download an app for you, they don’t keep it in their phone for a day or two. Our real users ensure that your application is installed on their devices for at least 3 to 4 days. Also, we ensure that your application is opened at least once. You can select the package as it fits your marketing budget. Whether you are a game developer or have a highly professional corporate application we have a budget that fits everyone. With perfect alignment with your marketing budget, you ensure that your mobile application is getting higher downloads and installs. No need to spend a thousand bucks on CPI campaigns, when you can get the same effect through SocialFansGeek. Invest Wisely by buying mobile app installs from SocialFansGeek.

When you buy mobile app installs, your app gets a higher boost. If your app was in the first 50 rankings, there are higher chances of it being in the first five searches. This gives the organic users the hint of an application that fits their needs. The higher rankings make organic users install and check your application. This way there are higher chances of your application getting much higher rankings and getting higher rankings on the app store and play store. Higher mobile app installs also increase the chances of your application getting noticed by investors and funders, who might want to invest in your mobile application. With a single step, you not only increase your apps organic installs and rankings, but you also increase its chances of getting an investment. IMAGINE! The next big success story can be yours… SocialFansGeek ensures secure mobile app installs that lead your app ON THE TOP. Keyword installs furthermore ensure that your application is being downloaded via an organic process. This organic process further ensures the legitimacy of the app installs. Also, the reviews and ratings further entice the user to download and check your application!

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♛ Mobile App Installs
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