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iOS app installs are hard to get. No matter how much you try you don’t get the expected installs. Why? Because as compared to Android devices there are lesser iOS users. Therefore, when you aim for an iOS app and its relative success, you need to buy iOS app installs. iOS app installs are your app’s gateway to higher rankings and improved organic engagement. Why wait for users to reach you when you can reach them yourself?



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Promoting your app is such a hassle. No matter what you do, there will always be a factor that you miss to get higher rankings. Keyword installs, time of installation, uninstallation time, rating, reviews, and downloads are a few of the important factors. We ensure that your iOS app installs are close to organic installs. You don’t need to wait. Just let us know your app link. We are ready to take over.

Keyword Installs- An Organic iOS App Install Behavior

Higher Organic Traffic

Increase your organic traffic within days.

Improved Ratings & Reviews

Get improved reviews and ratings for your app.

Better Page Rankings

More searches lead to improved page rankings.

Choosing iOS App Installs Is Easier Than You Think

One of the crucial factors that iOS app installs buyers miss to investigate is keyword installs. Keyword installs ensure higher and faster organic traffic? You might think why? Imagine how a user will search an app on Appstore. They will add some keywords that fit their requirements.

Afterward scrolling through the list, they try some apps and stick with the one that fits their need. Keyword installs follow the same way.

When you buy iOS installs, our system enters keywords on Appstore and replicates the exact organic behavior. Keyword installs ensure that your app receives positive signals and no flagging behavior. Sign up Now

Why get social media traffic that can probably uninstall your app?

Keyword installs ensure:

  • Higher visibility.
  • Better app performance.
  • Greater organic traffic.

Boost Ranking With Reliable Installations

Developers know how to develop the perfect app. Many developers designed the perfect app, but they did not know how to go for the right marketing technique. Yes, those social media marketing and internet marketing work but they take a lot of time. Moreover, they do not ensure that users will use your app for a longer time!

With iOS app install you ensure that your app is not only installed but also used by the user. It remains in the system for few days signaling the App store of high quality and niche-specific app.

The other marketing techniques require a heavy budget.

You need to work constantly for app promotion. No need to work on engagement 24/7. You can get it all within a less budget of $5. Buy iOS app installs give you the power to invest your money where needed. Having a small presence but improving that presence through organic traffic is the way to go.

When you get iOS app promotion, organic traffic reaches you on its own. This further increases the organic engagement faster. It was cheaper, faster, and efficient.


Reliable iOS APP Promotion at Your Service- Keep Your Visitors Coming Back

The biggest issue that app owners face is not getting enough visitors! And honestly, that is the key to app success. They do everything to get attention.

But what if we tell you why wait for attention when you can get it within few days?

Why don’t you put your app in front of the audience?

iOS app installs instead of letting you wait to get an audience, gives you the power to reach your audience directly. Seeing the higher number of installations & downloads the users come for your app more and more! And voila, even with a limited budget you get higher app installations.

Social Fans Geek offers iOS app installations that are legit and inexpensive. With affordable packages, you can now lead your app to the top of the app store. We ensure:


Guaranteed Installs

Get an exact number of installations you have purchased.

Best Price

We are proud to announce affordable pricing.

Free Installations

Get a discount on your initial orders with bonuses every time.

Legit Installs

We offer real user installations. We are bot-free.

Fast Support

We offer 24/7 support with complete assistance.


iOS App Installation – Packages

We offer packages for your all app installation needs. You can get thousands of downloads and pay for what you want. We don’t have any hidden charges. 100% real users for your app.

Social Fans Geek-Buy iOS App Installs

Get iOS app installs that make your dream app happen! With packages for Android app installs as well, you can now ensure app installs from all platforms. We offer:

  • Higher reach.
  • Better organic results.
  • Improved position in app market.
  • Economically effective.
  • Within your budget.
  • Impressive and effective strategy.

iOS App Installs Work Faster Than You Imagine

Buying reviews and ratings work but they don’t if you are not having enough downloads and installations. You need to have a perfect ratio for app installations, ratings, and reviews to grow your app.

You need to ensure that the following factors are in check:

  1. App downloads and installs.
  2. Keyword installs.
  3. Lesser install to uninstall ratio.
  4. App usage.
  5. Reviews.
  6. Ratings.
  7. Traffic from other mediums.

By keeping these points in mind, you can now create a marketing campaign along with app installs to make your app reach the top. Taking your app on the top has never been easier. With iOS app installs, you get your app where you want it to see faster.   Sign up Now

Wrap Up

Social Fans Geek offers legit iOS app installs, that stay in the system for at least 4 days. We ensure that your app is used from time to time to replicate organic app usage behavior. Within a month get ready to see your app on the top!



Are iOS app installs real or just bots?
No, we don’t sell bot-based installs as they can be recognized easily by the app store. In any way the app store recognizes your app using bots, your app can get flagged forever. The key is to research the service you are buying and then hand over your app information.

When you buy iOS, app installs from Social Fans Geek you get 100% legit app installs with no bots at all.

This is what happens when you use a bot to increase app installation. A bot is an automated software that replicates the behavior of app installation. However, these bots when accessing the app store indicate the app store is being controlled by automated software.

This indicates flags the application on the app store, leading to as mentioned earlier a block. However, when you buy real iOS app installs you give the signal of organic downloads and installs. This further leads to higher organic traffic leading to higher organic ratings and reviews for your mobile application.

Your app deserves to lead, and we are here to offer it!

Social Fans Geek uses a tracker to analyze your app installations. You get an installation that you have paid for without needing to pay extra. Even we are offering discounts to our new users for this service. What are you waiting for? Buy iOS app installs right now to grow your app. With legit installations and no support from any bot software, we deliver what we commit.

Why buy iOS App Installs?
The higher the initial and faster app installs at the starting of the app launch, the higher are the chances of it leading faster.

Millions of applications are released on the app store every month. But not all of them reach the top.

It’s not that those apps are not great, or they lack what users want but they are just missing effective marketing. The app’s popularity is forgotten by the developers and even app owners. They invest heavily in development, testing, designing, and whatnot. But they don’t keep enough marketing budget. Therefore, you need to buy app installs.

Without a significant number of app installs your app is at high risk of being lost in the competition.

Therefore, instead of waiting for users to notice your app, you make your app appear in front of everyone. The problem is severe, but a solution is simple. We firmly believe that our high-quality app installs are the key to the success of your application.

Various iOS checks impact your app’s success rate, where app installs are one of the top factors.

One of the few factors that users check while downloading and installing an app is ratings and app installs. When a new user lands on your app, and they see higher app installs this is when they want to check out your app.

iOS app installs have become easier than ever, and we are here to offer you what is best for you in the best prices.

For how long the users should keep my iOS app?
The users must keep the iOS app on their phone for around 3 to 4 days at least. They must use the app at least once to ensure that apps are downloaded by the users of their own will. App store algorithm checks that apps are not frequently uninstalled. The time between installation and uninstallation must be less.

The best way to understand this math is through an example.

Consider 10 users downloading your newly launched application, however, 9 users uninstalled it immediately or within two days. This is a bad signal to the algorithm as it shows the app does not match what users were searching for. On the other hand, imagine that 5 users download and install your app and only 1 of them uninstall the application.

This indicates that the app has something that the user was searching for. The quality of installations is essential, and this is what we take care of at Social Fans Geek.
The higher the app installations higher are the chances of improved rankings. By investing lesser than other marketing strategies you get better rankings.

By giving a faster initial boost to your app your app reaches into the phone and heart of people faster. Moreover, the organic ratings and reviews also increase which makes your application the most recommended application. Mix it up with your marketing technique to give your referred users one more reason to trust your application.

How iOS Installs can Boost your Ranking?
iOS app installs signal app store algorithm that your application is what users wanted. The keyword search ensures that the app was downloaded organically and now more and more users are getting what they were searching for. The app installs for iOS devices increase the initial downloads and installations that further signals the users that the app is liked by everyone.

Imagine stumbling on an application that has a higher number of installations and it is ranked on the first page of search results.

This is when your app installs serve you the most. Rest is all that your organic traffic does for you. The positive reviews and rankings further boost your application. If it is a gaming or financial app there are higher chances of word-of-mouth recommendation.

Why spend all your marketing budgets on social media and search engine marketing?
When you can get better results with iOS app installation. They work the best when combined with other marketing techniques but even if you have a limited budget iOS app installation work like magic for your application.

Higher organic traffic, better page rankings, and positive ratings are a few of the benefits of iOS app installs.

We ensure that your iOS app installs are close to organic installs. You don’t need to wait. Just let us know your app link. We are ready to take over.