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If you own a YouTube channel and struggling to get views, Google ads is an effective way to do so. With more and more content being uploaded every day, your YouTube video might get old in no time. To keep your video in the eyes of internet users, Google ads are a legit yet effective way to increase YouTube views.


Why Buy YouTube Views VIA Google Ads?

Buy Youtube Ads Views By Google Ads – Setting up a Google ads account seems easier. Still, it requires an expert social media marketer, to decide the targeted audience, website niche, price, and time for getting the targeted audience on your YouTube video. By using Google ads instead of social shares for increasing YouTube video views, you get high retention YouTube views. These views are from the users, who actually saw your video and clicked to view its content.

Benefits Of YouTube View Via Google Ads

  • Connect With Audience: You can uniquely connect with your audience, as these are the potential targeted customers who have some interest in your niche.
  • Reaching The Right Audience: The data analytics used by Google and other social media platforms have made it possible to get the right audience for the customers. When we design your Google ad for increasing YouTube views, we ensure that the right keyword, demographics, and the targeted audience selected.
  • Increased Views and High Engagement: Using Google ads for increasing YouTube views, you not only get views, but you also get high engagement on your content. Buying YouTube views through Google ads is a higher investment as compared to social shares. Still, they are legit, and YouTube favors these views and engagements.

Pros and Cons YouTube View Via Google Ads


Google loves YouTube; hence, your campaign is highly preferred.

You reach a highly specific targeted audience.

It’s a daisy chain effect, where viewing your video once, will automatically recommend another video.

Buying YouTube views via Google ads has long term positive effects on your channel.


It cannot be used regularly as long term use of Google ads can bring random audience.

Lesser organic reach as compared to social shares.

Reaching your targeted audience is the key to a successful YouTube channel. However, it is highly preferred for newbies who are struggling to get an instant boost on the YouTube channel. What are you waiting for? It’s about time you reach your targeted audience.

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