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Buy Facebook Reel Plays

Facebook Reels is the new feature by Meta which allows you to share 3-second to 30-second videos in a 9:16 aspect ratio. All videos should have a resolution of 500 x 888 pixels, be saved in an MP4 or MOV file type, and must not exceed a 4GB file size. Captions and video sound are optional but highly recommended.

Buying Facebook reel views also helps you get more Views, engagement, and Impressions for your Reel Video. Standout & Get Eligible for bonus program eligibility by Meta Today.

What are the Benefits of Facebook Reels Plays?

  1. Facebook Community Growth

This is one of the surest ways to get new people into your network or community. As you post reels, your followers will see them in your news feed; even other audiences who are not your followers can also see them in the reel section.

You can equally share any of your Instagram reels on Facebook. Through this, you are sure to reach a new audience and grow your community or get new followers.

  1. Potential to Earn some Bonuses

For High performers who can get over 1000 Facebook reel views within 30 days, Facebook offers them a bonus, which is one of the ways it has pledged to invest $1 Billion in its creators. Though there are some eligibility criteria listed here, high-performing influencers can earn much.

  1. A Means of Promoting Your brand and Services

Whether you offer some services or you have products to sell, you can promote your brand using short reels. These reels have to be engaging, clear, breathtaking, and sometimes, informative. At first, you can even try various type of content such as comedy or tutorials to determine which one suit your brand.

Checking what type of reels other similar brands post could also help you in choosing the right video style.

How to buy Facebook Reel Views?

Many platforms sell Facebook reel views, however, if you are looking to Buy Reels Facebook Plays at competitive pricing, then is the way to go. Follow the following steps.

  • Go to the top of this page, and at the centre, click on the ‘Services and Pricing’ tab.
  • Then click on ‘Facebook Reels Views’ under the ‘Facebook Marketing’ option.
  • You can now choose the amount of Facebook reel views you want to buy.
  • Then insert your Facebook reel URL.

That’s all.

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