9 Working Tips To Boost YouTube Views

30 May, 2022
Updated on: 31 May, 2022
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If you desire to get more views and build your brand to a satisfying level, there are some tips to boost YouTube views that you must learn and practice. So kindly pay attention as we consider below some tips for Boosting your YouTube views. 


9 Tips for Boosting Your YouTube Views

  • Create Enticing Contents

One of the tips for boosting your YouTube views is to create enticing content; create enticing, simple yet engaging content. However, a secret you must know is that, no matter how many ads you use for your video promotion, if your videos are not good and enticing, the videos will have low views.

You can create enticing content by identifying and meeting your customers’ needs. Then, ask your followers to comment on the video, asking what more they expect. 

Be consistent in creating enticing content that can constantly meet your viewers’ needs; then, you build a loyal community of fans who will help you boost your YouTube views. 

  • Use Searchable Titles

Using searchable titles is a good tip for boosting your YouTube views. Definite, Clear, and simple titles or keywords can rank your content higher in search engines. 

To boost your YouTube views, ensure that your titles contain keywords that people search. You can use YouTube search auto-fill to determine if your tags have the right keywords.

Furthermore, endeavor to place your most searchable and essential keywords initially because of the search engine’s sensitivity to the order you place your keywords. 

  • Motivate Viewers to Subscribe to Your Channel

There is a saying, “Your best new customers are your old customers.” It implies that you can grow a business by retaining your customers. The same applies to boosting your YouTube views.

S0, one of the tips for boosting your YouTube views is to motivate your present viewers to subscribe to your channel. As you gain subscribers, your number of YouTube views increases for each video your post.


You can motivate your viewers to subscribe to your channel by asking them kindly at the beginning and end of every video you post. However, don’t stop at subscription; tell your viewers to click the notification bell to be notified each time you post a new video. As you get more subscribers, you boost your YouTube views, so never stop motivating them to subscribe to your channel. 

  • Know what is trending in your industry

Another tip for boosting your YouTube views is to know what is trending and be updated. Trending content is capable of making you popular in a short period. Hence, get updates on events around you to create current and captivating content related to your industry or career. 

You must have a good knowledge of your industry or career and identify trending content to be the first to share it with your followers before anyone does. 

When you are the first to share firsthand information, you will earn respect and fame and boost your YouTube views. 

  • Share your content on other social platforms. 

An excellent tip to boost YouTube views is to tell your followers on other social media platforms each time you post a new video. 

Create a one-minute trailer for new content, add a link that leads to the full video on your YouTube channel, and share it on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram page. 

You can also use the marketing emails as a tip to boost your YouTube views. Motivate people to subscribe to your newsletter, where they get information about your industry or career as it applies to them. 

  • Create exciting and engaging Playlists

According to YouTube analysis, the most popular brands on YouTube create and promote their playlists better than less popular brands. So a good tip to boost YouTube views is to create captivating and engaging playlists. 

Do you know that sometimes, it is difficult to pull your attention away from a video you enjoy when it keeps playing? It’s simply because the video is interesting, engaging, and captivating. 

Create captivating playlists that will keep your viewers glued to your videos because playlists can improve search rankings and boost your YouTube views. 

  • Subtitle Your Videos

It is essential to create captivating and great content, but it won’t be interesting if your followers don’t understand you. You may lose many followers just due to language barriers. 

So, another tip to boost your YouTube views is to create subtitles for your videos so that your followers will understand, enjoy and keep glued to your content.

On YouTube, you can add subtitles to your videos by selecting the options for closed captions. Your followers can switch to the language they desire and understand you better through the subtitles. 

  • Publish Your Videos at The Right Time

Publishing your videos at the right time is an essential tip to boost YouTube views. Focus on the period your audience watches your videos because that is the right time your YouTube views get boosted. 

You must know that YouTube keeps track of the days and hours your audience stays on YouTube. So all you need do is, check the report showing when your audience is on YouTube to determine the right time to publish your content. 

Try to post your content two hours before the peak times because it helps create awareness of your newly published videos for your viewers’ leading to more free views.

  • Create Attractive Thumbnail Images

A thumbnail is an image that is very important to boost YouTube views. Instead of using auto-generated thumbnails, create your attractive thumbnail image and upload it. 

If you check the most popular videos on YouTube, you will discover that they use attractive thumbnail images. A stunning thumbnail image can make your videos unique and boost your YouTube views. 

All the points listed above are tips to boost YouTube views; start using the information now and achieve your dream without any delay. 

Laxman K.

Veteran Social Media Growth Hacker & Digital Marketer.