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Initially, Facebook had a straightforward way to boost Facebook pages. By merely setting the targeted audience without any investment helped millions of brands to improve their presence on Facebook. But this very way of promoting your Facebook page became extremely difficult with the new paid advertisement method introduced by Facebook. You have to perform the same steps, but this time to gain engagement, you need to pay for it. Shocking right? What’s even more surprising is that Facebook just advertises your brand to potential buyers with no guaranty of likes, comments, shares. Then why you would spend a monthly $300, depending on your targeted audience.

Just started a new page on Facebook and don’t have the necessary fan base yet?  Do you desperately need Facebook likes?. By buying Facebook boost services from Socialfansgeek, you get likes and comments from real Facebook accounts, which is not guaranteed with a Facebook boost option. In fact, it’s much cheaper!

Why Buy Facebook Boost Service?

With the new data-driven strategy of Facebook, the organic reach of Facebook pages has decreased, making it extremely difficult for brands and people to promote their services. Also, for a brand and individual with a limited marketing budget, using a Facebook boost service can be costly. By buying Facebook boost service, you get the same number of likes and comments, but within your budget.

Benefits Of Facebook Boost Service

  • Likes Guaranteed: We guarantee real people and real fans liking your business, brand, or event. We get repeat customers all the time!
  • Superior Advantage: Showcase your brand or web page, target your audience, and get your message across to the masses in record time.
  • Solid Backing: When individuals see the number of likes, they will immediately start imparting trust in your page. Build a fan following double-quick!
  • Create Opportunities: Extend your gathering of people and gain advantage from the potential outcomes of coming out on social media with your page creating new leads as you do.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Boost Service


Reach your targeted audience faster and cheaper.

Get high traffic on your page and overall business.

Increased trust from other brands and service.


Buying bot likes instead of real likes can get your Facebook page banned.


Well, whether you’re looking for Facebook likes for a web page or a brand, Socialfansgeek has got you covered! We ensure that you get real-time Facebook likes and comments on your Facebook page with our Facebook boost strategy



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